Internal and external hydration ... quench your skin's thirst

Our skin has a lipid mantle that confers lubrication to it. In normal skin, the fat content is around 50%. A higher percentage results in a "seborrheic" or "oily" skin and, conversely, a lower percentage results in an "alipic" skin.

A common mistake is to think that an alipic skin is always due to a lack of hydration and that oily skin has an excess of hydration. The reality is that the lack of hydration can be in both cases. For this reason, a qualified skin specialist (such as the beautician or an aesthetic doctor) can diagnose us if we lack internal hydration (measured by TEWL) and / or external.

Elinné addresses with IDRATIA INTENSIVE HYDRATING treatment complete hydration of our skin, both internally and externally, so that the skin normalizes its hydration levels, creating sustainable comfort in it.


1- Cleaning: I cleaned cleansing and tonic milk for sensitive skin. We start by removing make-up or removing impurities while providing nutrition to the skin.

2- Selective cell renewal: Selective exfoliation on mature corneocytes.

3- Hydration: Assets that confer deep and external hydration that extends over time, in addition to a wrinkle filling effect, anti-ageing effect (grape stem cells) and pore refining effect. All powered by a nourishing mask.

4- Consolidation of the treatment: Moisturizing cream with anti-ageing effect